Saturday, January 2, 2010

THIS IS 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 everybody !! wohooooo new spirit new day new year new target new ambission,new passion whats your resolution? my resolution is more wise , more fashionable,more tough, more happiness, loving my mom more than last year
anyway, i failed to go to Bandung yesterday
yupp i celebrated my new years at home (ya only at home) with my family and my boyf to :)
hihihihi :} we made pancake, eat satay, ice cream
this is my first time i didnt have any plan for new years
but i really really enjoy it !
whats about your holiday?

anyway (for the umpteenth time hehe), yesterday i went to sushi tei with yuki my fellas at highschool

(sequin jacket bougth at ambassador, unbranded white tank bought at semanggi, just d'orange black legging, sling bag ps.baru, low boot by mitchybell, random neckales)

holiday is over, and finally tomorrow i must return to normal routinities, school, learning, and a lot of assignment !
SPIRIT !!!!!!!

cheers arin :)


  1. Aaah love your sequin jacket kak :)) By the way, i've followed your twitter :)

  2. Happy New Year to you!!!!

    you have a unique sense of style...

    I can sense a new blog to follow.yay!

    Take Care


  3. hapy new year arin!! *just know that arin is your nickname..hihi*

    i went to bdg for NYE but if I can choose I prefer to celebrate it in your way..stay at hime with family and boyfriend..hihi your sequin jacket soo much!! :)

    ttg link bingung nyarinya dimana yaa? emg ngebagi blog list jd 4 bagian..biar mudahin aq buat buka2 blognya :D..keep in touch yaa arin :)

  4. @nina : thank you nina :)

    @silvi : thankies silvi,
    udah aku follow back kok :)

    @pensandles :
    happy new yeaaarrr, how about your holiday?
    thank you so much to following my blog, and follow my twitter to :)

    @regina : thank you, and your bracelets drive me crazy :}

    @fika : happy new year too ka :)
    thank you
    yes of course id love to,
    tell me if the bloggers meet up again :)

  5. sure we can exchange links :D
    i'll put u up soon ..

    great sequin jacket by the way ..
    thanks for the inspiration darling !
    keep posting up great stuff up .

    thanks for taking the time to comment and visit my blog .
    visit / comment / follow me back at..
    GlisteRs and bListeRs

  6. @michelle :
    ive links your blog to mine :)

    thank you to visit my blogs by the way

  7. hey did u change ur layout or something.. cus all of ur links are in the same color as ur background (aka . i cant see the links :(

    thanks for the sweet comments dear :D
    loved this post very much .
    thanks for sharing..

    visit / comment / follow me back at..

  8. @michelle :
    i should change the theme maybe -,-'