Sunday, January 25, 2015

Windy, but Sunny kinda day

This is the one and only reason why I took the picture, I don't want to waste the nature lighting, SUN! and besides all those things, this picture is taken by my blogger friends, Sartob when we're sleepover at Ani's apartment. So, why not?
PULL & BEAR pull over knitted sweater TOPSHOP mini dress worn as top UNIQLO kullotes pant RETAIL THERAPY clogs

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Central Dept. Store, East Mall, Grand Indonesia

One day touring at Central Dept. Store,
Last week, me and others bloggers had an honour to visit the biggest department store from Thailand at East Mall, Grand Indonesia. This is the big, and thoroughgoing department store I've ever seen. You can find home and decoration stuffs until make up, from local to international. And this place provide the best quality products, because all the products through rigorous selection.
The place so homy and cozy, I can't stop to taking a picture on their installation. 
You don't have to be worry with the flow, they organize their store perfectly which can simplify you to find what are you looking for. 
Let's maping the place;
In UG You can find a lot of makeup and beauty stuffs, from SKII to YSL, and theres Thailand brand too and at the first floor, you can find high end clothing brand like Karl Lagerfeld, DKNY, and many local designer like Ivan Gunawan.
on the second floor, you can find women ready-to-wear clothing from Thailand to local.
Then, you can find Batik, Indonesia traditional kain, at the same floor with the Men's wear, third floor.
Are you curious? Go figure it out, find more than what I wrote about Central Department Store, with visit them!
PS: Spot many local designers participate in this store, and you can find a lot of amazing dresses for your formal event.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The first hit in 2015

Peoples change.. Times flies.. Friends stays.
As long as Im not working yet, Im mingle more, chit chat more. I always love to meet a new person, and mingle with my friends. Waktu yang selama ini terasa sulit, menjadi lebih mudah. Memang semua hal itu ada baik dan buruknya. Thanks God, so far.. gue orang yang lebih banyak melihat sisi baik dari setiap kejadian, walau sering juga pesimis dan melemah, but I have great peoples around me.. and I always surrounded by positive peoples. 
How did you spend your new years eve? 
I don't do anything, all the member of family already have their own plan, so I choose to stay at home, accompany my mother. Tapi hari ke-tiga dan ke-empat di tahun 2015, some of my blogger friends decided to play secret santa, and sleep over at Annisa apart. We really had a lot of fun! 
They are more than blogger friends, they are my good friends. Dimulai dengan makan siang, karoke, play secret santa, berenang sampai private garage sale outfit Nisa. 

And this is my first outfit of the day in 2015.

Dan.. biasanya kita selalu berusaha untuk merubah sesuatu agar jadi lebih baik di setiap permulaan, misalnya "Gue akan diet mulai hari senin." karena senin adalah hari pertama di setiap minggunya. Atau, "gue mau lebih giat di semester ini". Gue juga punya resolusi, untuk 2015 ini mau lebih bahagia, bisa lebih berbakti ke orangtua, meminimalisir dosa, lebih dekat sama Tuhan, dan lebih sering berbincang - bincang sama orang tersayang. Sounds simple but sometimes we forget to do it, am i right? 

(pleats outer I.K.Y.K white shirt ARGYLE & OXFORD palazo pants UNIQLO sling bag ZARA shoes CHARLES & KEITH)