Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The post after coma

firstly i wanna said "happy ramadhan fasting"
im not a good blogger, i often missed a thing. i want to share a lot of story
1. im not a multi tasking i cant do a lot of activity in the same time, as example i cant blogging when im doing final exam/ uas
2. I've got a good marks for my final exam and now im on my holiday until september, 21th
3. in the third semester ive got morning shift its will be good for my "ritme hidup" hehehe
4. i majored in mass communication
5. im looking for a side job, i have put cv in some places. wish me luck :))
6. i dont know why but im easily to fell sick. any suggestion to my healthy?
7. i decided to not use plastic bag and bring alternative bag for shopping
8. i have curly my hair and make it straight again, i will post the picture

(sleeve top gitchy, leopard blazer senen, legging just the orange, chunky shoes picnic, dream catcher necklace gaudi, eye glasses unbranded)

and this my curly hair what do you think?
i havent had time to take a picture with my new straight hair. but i promise to post it later :))

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