Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Skull is Transparent

Yeay, it is.. we have brightspot market 14 Feb - 17 Feb and Indonesia Fashion Week at the same time, too bad I can't attend the IFW event, even only one show :( very envy read all bloggers, friends and peoples update status about how IFW goes..
But, I attended brighspot opening party , actually the flow is much better than before, the space is bigger and the air conditioner is worked I tough hehehe .. Ive got this cutey skull necklace from mannequin plastic one of my favorite local brand, i really love all statement necklace collection of them and the bag too. 
Found many cuteness brand who's stolen my heart at the first sight, so thats it, a lil a bit review for brightspot opening party, yesterday i went to PIK for refreshing with my boy friend, as you know my thesis is under construction hehe.. go back to the reality after saw a sea of fashion like brightspot and IFW, is like ... humm i dunno, my friend told me is suffering, for me is more like "oke lets back to work, so i can buy that shoes, this bag, those outerwear" hehehe.
Happy monday,

 ( jeans shirt - gitchy, polkadot overall used as trousers - ps.senen, skull necklace - mannequin plastic, envelope clutch - nefertiti, classic clogs - retail therapy, random rings and bracelets )

Monday, February 11, 2013


 Haylo peoples, have a great sunday yesterday? me? just laying on my bed let my iPod shuffle all my favorite songs, sometimes i feel like the shuffle songs can predict what I feel. So sunday is full of rest, and watching the raining sky.
Monday, who's hate monday? because I always enjoy day by day theres no hate in 7 days in a week.
spread the love happy people, lets pray for all flood victims.

(white tees - pul & bear, black lace skirt - southaven, acid washed denim jacket - thrifted ps. senen,  grey vest jacket - graphis, unbranded socks, Dr. Martens shoes, canvas tote bag - gift)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Featured on Gogirl Magazine Birthday Issue

Featured in the Rated Stylish on Gogirl Magazine February 2012, birthday issue. a few weeks a go Gogirl team Sisi contact me, ask me for participation in Gogirl birthday issue, ofcourse im really happy to being a part of this edition, and featured with other blogger fellas. 
So happy, go grab em fast :D

(black coat - thrifted ps. senen, white shirt - gitchy, overall - thrifted ps. senen, shoes - Dr.martens, envelope sling bang - nefertiti)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Month of Love

Already hit the February, month of love ...
Im not prepare anything this valentine, actually last year Im not prepared anything too, my boyfriend is not romantic enough to celebrate valentine for fun haahaha too bad.
Btw, yesterday I've got a package from VnCo what a lovely shirt, and you can them on Intagram too, simply search they ID: VNCOSHOP
And I'm so in love with this necklace just so me hihihi Lion, sign of my horoscope love love it !
so i took a picture before dating with my boyfriend today 

what i wore (creme coat - unbranded, tiger blouse - VnCo, Lion Necklace - BloopEndorse, belt - lacoste, short - thrifted , shoes - Mazee FX)