Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's a first time for me in JFW 10/11

lets check what happened in Jakarta Fashion Week today!
it is Oscar Lawalata in Fashion Tent, how lucky me ive got the VIP access for this show
saya bertemu tama, salah satu finalis lomba menulis blog. we have a great time today.
Oscar mengangkat tema culture - exquisite cocoon dresses and traditional weavedfabrics dari NTT
take a look this runway,

look at the detail, the fabric and the motive. one word AWESOME!

Oscar Lawalata looks so stunning. too bad i can't join the level one show :(
because im going to JFW by myself mihihihihihi
see u in the next post
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Saturday, November 6, 2010


as we all already know. Indonesia is grieving because tragedy in mentawai, wasior, and jogja. we all must be feeling sad, set aside your money to help those who need our help and pray ....
hope everything will be just fine, no more victims, no more tragedy.
Indonesia need support from us, lets start from a lil things, makes a change in our life. for a better world, for a better Indonesia

(crop top - unbranded (bounght in ambsador), tule skirt - maje, legging - unbranded, chain necklace - forever21, random rings, clogs - retail theraphy)

NB: ive been featured in gogirl mgz. i will post the picture tomorrow :)
*source picture here*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It Is November Double yaaay!

woooohoooo! i've got the feeling, thats this month gonna be a good month. that's this month gonna be a good good month....
if you remember, that last month i participated in writing competition from Jakarta Fashion Week. and guess what? i entered semifinalists
thanks God. alhamdulillah
and i can enter the JFW for all access!! super yaynes

the second yeaahhh, its.....
i've been featured in sister magz for November issues
wohhhooo what a month

have a nice day all :)
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