Saturday, May 25, 2013

Precious Experience

Hoa.. (Hallo in my language) I felt very happy this week, I've got a lot of experience. yesterday I had the opportunity to presentation in Kuningan City event "Passion for Fashion" in front of Todd Tyler, with bloggers friends, I feel so honored to be here juxtaposed with famous bloggers like Ario Achda , Bethanny Putri , Sabila Anata , Jenifer Patricia .
After saw workshop fashion photography from Todd Tyler, we're moved to B'side cafe at Mezzo, to do presentation and chit chat with Todd Tyler. So happy can chit chat with all fashion bloggers, to bad I missed Kate Spade event, there's a bloggers gathering too!

Aahhh this my styling installation at Kuningan City! All outfit from Mezzo Kuningan City, and you can check the detail on my post a week a go. hope all of you have a great day too fellas !

Biker Jacket - SMITTEN , Shirt - trifthed Ps.Senen, Patch pants - Koola Stuffa , Sling Bag - Cotton Ink , shoes - EST

Monday, May 20, 2013

Passion For Fashion with Todd Tyler

If you love to watching Asia Next Top Model, you must be known who is Todd Tyler. He will be on Kuningan City this Wednesday on 22nd May!
There's will be fashion photography workshop and styling presentation from Indonesian Fashion Bloggers! Yay so excited being the part of this event, Im so nervous to do presentation this wednesday! Hope all of you can come and join this event, You can see Fashion bloggers installation too (include me) so happy :D

Twitpic your own fashion moments and dont forget to put a hashtag #toddtylerin_k to get exclusive high tea session with todd tyler :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lovely Corner From Kuningan City

Hello its me again, yes of course it's me :)))
how's your day? May should be another hot summer season, going to the beach for sun bathing sounds good right? and Im till busy with my thesis ( please don't tell me all of you sick to the dead to read my blog about thesis, please don't, because if you did, moreover I ) beside all those things the weather is a lil bit disconcerting so to refresh my mind, I decided to run away for a while from thesis thingy. I found MEZZO at Kuningan City, fancy concept store with fancy stuffs.
If you visit MEZZO you can find many brands in one store like Y3, The Little Things She Needs, Timberland, Wakai, and many many more! But today I came here just to sit back relax in the corner of MEZZO cafe B.side, and took a picture in here hehe. For your information they have a lot of books! I love fashion books! another happiness! 
After take a cup of coffee I went to the second floor and spotted music stores, theres band shirt, cd, and phone case. This is complete my day! I found love in this place :)
So as simple as that I describe my happiness in the summer, summer is not always going to the beach, for me, certainly a lot of people can't take a holiday because they work, but take a break for a while is a must for your healthy and your mind. 

spotted Superdry! For you who's love japanese casual style, here you go! you must check them! Another heaven! 

The Little She Needs, Brand who's always knows what I need :) 
Look at the classy shoes line below

( White shirt - Timberland, Training Pants - Y3, Jacket - Superdry Store, Clutch and Pump Shoes - The Little Things She Need, Ring - D'Bling )

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bloggers Meet Up

Last week, I went to Gandaria City met up with bloggers fellas, so fun! we talking much about our life, our college, and what's in. Always fun to chit chat with new people, knew more and a lot of things. like  people says "We can learn from everybody" so true!
meet up in the middle of my hectic thesis day, is like click refresh button on my brain. Should do this more maybe after my thesis done. Im sorry for always mention about that. I just really want to finish this.

 (TimTam, Kaev, Sabe, Me, and Acil )

 the edgy , cute little cool Tamara, check her site for looking her more stylish daily outfit

feminin Ka aev, click here for more fresh, cute, lovely stylish Aev.

Simply, vintage girl Saberina. check her blog for more looks from her 

Playful and full color Acil, check her site and local brand so cutey candy

( Pattern Blazer - Retail Therapy, White Tees - Giordano, Stripe Pants - Zara, Sling Bag - Cotton Ink, Silver Sandals (bought from Helmy, but you can found this on EST), Rock Bracelet - Voila, Fringe Necklace - gift from Atta )

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Seems like yesterday

I went to GFJA (Galeri Foto Jurnalistik ANTARA) yesterday, doing another research for my thesis, and thanks God, I still can have a couple of coffee and lil conversation with my friends there in the middle of my research hehe.
1 May, 2013, on MAYDAY ( Hari Buruh ) GFJA, made an exhibition about Indonesian worker, how they life, they work, and many more. You can visit the exhibition until 19 May 2013 on Galeri Foto Jurnalistik ANTARA, at Pasar Baru. Too bad I can't attending the opening of the exhibition cause heavy rain all the time of those day. 

( What I wore yesterday Jeans Vest - Ps. Senen, Polka Shirt - SCHATZI, Same shit different day - Wellborn company , Polka Pants - SCHATZI , ankle boots - EST , Beanie - HighOfWall )