Saturday, September 28, 2013

Walking into the future

Confusion stage in our life is like this, how to finish college with a great grade? after it's completed we up one step to the "How to get a good job, so we can continue our life?" I mean, we can't just continue our life, we should raise the standard of our life, make our parents proud, moreover ease their burden. Yep, Im on this stage kikikikik. Is hard for me to asking money to my parents, because im already graduated right now.
Thanks God, Theres jobstreet, jobsdb, and many job vacancy site. Life is more easier because of internet hehehe, and I can keep in touch with my friends because skype, and many online messager so I dont have to get out from my home, and can be more skimp. 

(shirt and overall Ps.Senen, tote bag THE GOODS DEPT, socks UNIQLO, shoes DR.MARTENS )

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jakarta Culinary Passport

This is a flash post, first sorry for my bad picture, all the pictures in these post is taken by iPhone only, so pardon me for the bad result. I just want to share the event (Food Bazaar) in Grand Indonesia, West Mall 5th ground floors, the event start from 12 - 15 September.
I came at the first day, HTM to enter this bazaar is 10k/ person, I really love the ticket, resembles a passport. There's provides a many of kind of foods from Indonesia like Kerak Telor, Tahu Gejrot, etc until Western. This event also held lucky draw where the prize is handphone!! But you have to buy food in every section, and ask the seller to get a stamp, if you already got 4 stamps, you can give the part of the passport wannabe, into the crew in front of the entrance.

I tried a lot of foods, today is the last day to visit the bazaar. All the foods in there is sssooooo tempting!!! Theres a salmon baked satay, but too bad I did not try it because I have to queue and the queue is very looooonggg.. and there's turkish ice cream, sandwich ice cream, frozen cake, pudding, until milk. I only took this photo bellow, this is DAIRY TALE you can checkin on my instagram for the info of dairy tale instagram, they provides the delivery services too.

sorry for the bluring and shaking picture, Alvi not good on taking picture with phone hahaha. I can't wait to wear this chocker, the chocker is by Liz one of fab Indonesian fashion bloggers, im so in love with this chocker, the best accessories that I have so far. Kindly check the site HERE! have no words to describe this cool chocker! Must have items.

( knitwear BERSHKA, overall PS.SENEN, shoes LONDON REBEL, chocker L.I.N.F, necklace DIVA, leather cap DRESSED ME UP )