Friday, January 29, 2010

wonderful day

finally my final test is over, fyuuhhh wish i can get my good assessment
thank you for support and wishes guys
on my last post i promised to post my activities last month, I went to the puncak for rafting along with my college friends, I'm very scared actually , because it is different from the rafting in Dufan hehehe
yup it's real, which means that the wild adventures we can't guess and the worst part is I can't swim

happy valentines and gong xi fat choi by the way,
hhhmm so bad i can join last meet up huhuhu
wish we can meet up later

kiss kiss arin,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

b'girl of the year

dated 22 January, I attended b'girl of the year
I attended this event with Merlina and florecita, I get the invitation from ka Fika (sweet escape), unfortunately I cant meet up with her thats night because she was busy working
by the way thank you for the invitation ya kak fika :)
I am very interested to attend this event, not to mention my friend theresia is one of the finalists b'girl
and this is it

the finalist

shes is my friend (theresia marcia)

love the music and the dance (is drama musical look a like)

sherina in perform

boys of the year in b'girl

after that we went to fx chill out on starbucks

Ive got an amazing night at b;girl party with my friends, by the way last week I went to rafting at matahari park on mega mendung with my college friends, I'll post it later:)
have a nice weekend y'all wish me luck for my first final test on tuesday its advertising

kiss kiss arin

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my bitches birthdaaay !

dated 16 January yesterday my friend's birthday, I thought how that he was surprised and delighted of course, because me and my friends were familiar with the surprise came to the house at midnight and bring a cake, it was very common
so I decided to make her upset,me and my friends just to say happy birthday by sms
at the night i arranged so yuki want to hang out with melodi,
they go to sency, me, nuke, novia and brandon go after shes arrived to sency
melodi said "yuki udah marah marah + bete"
yupp thats what we need!! haha
after the sms, me and my friends waiting in the toilets with the cakes

she was very touched

birthday girls (yuki andriani)

thank you for nuke, novia, brandon, melodi, nadia and ect has helped me :)

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

stood by the window

i always confused to start my story, hehehe thats so bad right and im not good enough in english, ive just wanna to tell u i made some diy again :)
these DIY inspired by , ive have some cotton ink syal anyway very comfotable and useful

what you need for this project is :

scissors, yarn, needle, and pewarna pakaian (ya i dont know wht it call hehe)

and old white long tank

pertama gunting bagian yang sudah di beri garis putus putus , kemuadian bagian itu dijahit agar menjadi seperti sarung

kemudian gunting bagian yang sudah di beri garis putus putus, remdan kain sesaat
kemudian masak air hingga mendidih dan masukan pewarna pakaian
masukan kain dalam keadaan basah kedalam panci yang sudah berisi air yang diberi pewarna kain, dengan keadaan api masih menyala, aduk2 agar warna tidak belang sekitar kurang lebih 60 menit

angkat dan keringkan kain, kemudian di bilas, setelah itu kreasikan dengan semau kalian :)

( simply city - blazer, flowery tank bought at plaza semanggi, grey pants - mitchybell, glitery shoes- zara, black socks - galery socks, my DIY syal, unbranded sunglasses )

by the way i just bought strong shoulder blazer from oenik room and headpiece too

( blazer - oenikroom, white bodycon - manggo, unbranded stocking, peep toe heels by pretty, random bracelets, triangle headpiece by oenik room)

ive change my layout, because some words disappeared :(
im new blogger so i have to learn many things hehe thank you for all input for me
i really appreciate it

kiss arin :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

blue is jeans my jeans is blue

holiday its over,it means i have to go back to my routine study, learn, and learn next week i will follow the final test i must study hard for this because it so affects to my graduation graduation about 40% ! wwwwwooooootttt i will do my best (its a must) hehe
I havnt talked to you guys? I am a student at my school london public relations *semester one, so I dont want to fail at my firt years in here wish me luck ya :D

I bought this at senen about Rp 1000,-
What you need for this project is :

only cutter, studded, and many patiences :)

FIRSTripped jeans with cutter

put the studded in the back pocket with a pattern you like (be creative with it)

yup as simple as that ! hihihi
and tadaaaaaaa my cheapoweapo pants looks different
hohoho, by the way eva silviana told me, ive got go girl fashion tag of the week
thanks eva silviana hihihi
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muah !
arin :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

THIS IS 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 everybody !! wohooooo new spirit new day new year new target new ambission,new passion whats your resolution? my resolution is more wise , more fashionable,more tough, more happiness, loving my mom more than last year
anyway, i failed to go to Bandung yesterday
yupp i celebrated my new years at home (ya only at home) with my family and my boyf to :)
hihihihi :} we made pancake, eat satay, ice cream
this is my first time i didnt have any plan for new years
but i really really enjoy it !
whats about your holiday?

anyway (for the umpteenth time hehe), yesterday i went to sushi tei with yuki my fellas at highschool

(sequin jacket bougth at ambassador, unbranded white tank bought at semanggi, just d'orange black legging, sling bag ps.baru, low boot by mitchybell, random neckales)

holiday is over, and finally tomorrow i must return to normal routinities, school, learning, and a lot of assignment !
SPIRIT !!!!!!!

cheers arin :)