Wednesday, January 6, 2010

blue is jeans my jeans is blue

holiday its over,it means i have to go back to my routine study, learn, and learn next week i will follow the final test i must study hard for this because it so affects to my graduation graduation about 40% ! wwwwwooooootttt i will do my best (its a must) hehe
I havnt talked to you guys? I am a student at my school london public relations *semester one, so I dont want to fail at my firt years in here wish me luck ya :D

I bought this at senen about Rp 1000,-
What you need for this project is :

only cutter, studded, and many patiences :)

FIRSTripped jeans with cutter

put the studded in the back pocket with a pattern you like (be creative with it)

yup as simple as that ! hihihi
and tadaaaaaaa my cheapoweapo pants looks different
hohoho, by the way eva silviana told me, ive got go girl fashion tag of the week
thanks eva silviana hihihi
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muah !
arin :)


  1. Wow.. love your DIY pants! great job... =)

  2. i like your style bebhh :D of course, lets exchange link! :)

  3. well done on the've definitely upgraded those shorts :)

  4. great DIY ariiin!! how it turns !!

    and congratulations for being the fashion tag of the week!! :D

  5. yay sure for the exchange link :) link me first then told me if u have to done it so i do it too :)

    i love ur diy , i'll try at home sist ;)


  6. @ yessi : thank you yessi hehe

    @devi : ive already link your blog to mine :)

    @dotie : thank you dotie :)

    @fika : thank you ka :)
    hihihi *blushing

    @ms.gee : thankies gee, ive already link your blog to mine

  7. waaa i love your diy pants! *i should try this* hehehe. ;9

  8. kewl itu disenennya dimanaaaanyaa sihh?