Monday, December 12, 2011

Ive been part of Jakarta Fashion Week

yeay! im in Jakarta Fahion Week!!
i had a lot of experience!

( black dress - giordano, long cardi - retail therapy, unbranded sling bag, random bracelets, mustache rings, black stone ring - pvj, tassel clogs - retail therapy )

FYI Clogs from retail therapy is very comfy :)
just follow me on twitter for lil chit chat @ariyanisukma

Sunday, October 30, 2011

i am willing to die for this

heyho!! how are you guys?? its been a long time after my last post, okay i have reasons why im not blogging anything forlooonggg time.....firstly, u know in this semester (i'm semester 5 now..) i really lost my youth!! so many home works, assignment, and bla.. bla.. bla..
secondly, i'm busy preparing my photo exhibition in feb, at Galeri Antara i hope you come and see my photo exhibition, i will inform you then..
thats it?
nope!! but i really enjoy my activities for seriously..
but we can chit chat in my twitter i love to share what ive done today in my account, so we can still keep in touch :)
one thing that has not change is..... my grammar! its still bad!! hahaha okay, at least i'm keep trying and always improve :D

a few weeks a go, im very happy because mbak Kalista asked me to be Retail Therapy stylish!! wohhhoooo!! very excited!! thank you mbak Kal for a chance..
i will show you something that you must have this month!!!

im craving for assymetrical cape coat, winter cape beige, sequined collar loose top, the rainbow vest too.. oh my godness!! everything in this lookbook looks so gorgeous!! you can check Retail Therapy full collection in here or here!! and hey, they have special discount for they followers in twitter, go follow them in here

Saturday, August 20, 2011

desperate girl, in this galaxy

what i wore (nike tank top, ripped jeans ps.senen, headband bilabong, wings ring lil things she needs, birds ring forever 21)

Monday, March 14, 2011

how are yaow?

HI its totally lack post, now i more often update my tumbr
tumblr is full with my hobby (photograhy) and my mood or
my feelings, so you can prediction my mood HAHA. hey hows your holiday?
i have holiday resolution
1. traveling by train
2. going to the top of monas
3. planetarium
4. sea world
and guess what, im just spending my time in my home,
bed, yyayaya i ruined all my holiday plans!
don't blame me, i don't have partner at all. impossible for me to traveling by train by myself?? hems i don't think so *nyasar iya deh*
but, i really had a lot of fun chit chat with my old friends, meet up with my band
besok udah kembali ke rutinitas awal yah adik- adik kakak- kakak
anyway, im hangout with vebby, rere and esa today and we really had a lot of fun :)

(hammer tee, camel skirt-senen, DIY belt, mitchybell shoes, rounded glasses-ps baru)

have u follow my twitter?

Friday, February 4, 2011


yesterday i went to klenteng with my friends yuki, i love to see many peoples pray and be grateful with what they got. im especially come to catch the pictures. i had a lot of fun those day. when im in klenteng, i cant open my eyes, theres a lot of smoke from dupa and candle, such a epic situation. its just a lil part of my result just check my tumblr od deviantart to see more

ok, lets us eat first. bye, see you in the next post ciao!
*Hi, im yuki*