Monday, March 14, 2011

how are yaow?

HI its totally lack post, now i more often update my tumbr
tumblr is full with my hobby (photograhy) and my mood or
my feelings, so you can prediction my mood HAHA. hey hows your holiday?
i have holiday resolution
1. traveling by train
2. going to the top of monas
3. planetarium
4. sea world
and guess what, im just spending my time in my home,
bed, yyayaya i ruined all my holiday plans!
don't blame me, i don't have partner at all. impossible for me to traveling by train by myself?? hems i don't think so *nyasar iya deh*
but, i really had a lot of fun chit chat with my old friends, meet up with my band
besok udah kembali ke rutinitas awal yah adik- adik kakak- kakak
anyway, im hangout with vebby, rere and esa today and we really had a lot of fun :)

(hammer tee, camel skirt-senen, DIY belt, mitchybell shoes, rounded glasses-ps baru)

have u follow my twitter?


  1. hey arinn its nice to read your new post:)

    please check out my latest pos:)

  2. ayiinnce, hehe.. miss hanging out with you


  3. you look different with long hair ariyani...
    nice outfit and welcome back in blogging world :)

  4. You Look Beautiful With your long Hair Style. Amazing. Especially your dress was Awesome. :)

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  6. such a lovely outfit and your hair is adorable


  7. Such a great pictures. It's sooo lovely.

  8. Its really an amazing work done by author, its an admirable work done
    Keep it up

  9. I love the shoes sooooooooo perfect :D

  10. liburan saya mlh diisi acara bersihin kamar, hahaha..
    eniwei, salam kenal :)

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  12. Hi there! Im deleting my links and I'll be using my followers as reference for blogs to visit daily. Follow each other? :)

    Definitely, Maybe

  13. kakaaaaak, apakbar? sering2 ngepost dng kaaak hihihi. lovely boots anyway ;)

  14. Such cute photos!

    xo, Allie

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