Saturday, November 23, 2013


The title is remind me with the song from culture club, chameleon.. just like the weather in Jakarta right now. Like chameleon, fluctuations. sometimes raining and then suddenly changing hot and sunny . because today the weather is very clear, I decided to took a photos of my daily outfit

( sabrina top thrift IN HAJI LANE pants from TOPSHOP transparent platform from FASHION71 clutch by NEFERTITI chocker by L.I.N.F. chain necklace from DIVA )

Friday, November 15, 2013

Keep Warm in The Rainy Day

Like I've said in the last post, I went to the brightspot, the hype and big market in this town. Im not taking picture of the event, crowd or tenant, like usual the event so crowded, aaa almost forget to mentions that the event is handled in Ciputra World, or more familiar is called Lotte mall. Still the same like brightspot a few months a go, the tenant like Mannequin Plastic, Kidnapped Ally, Retail Therapy, Happy Go Lucky, Monstore is participate to tone up the event.
I came on the third and the last day, I bought an platform sandals form Pinx, the sandal which is catch my heart from the first time I saw them. hehehe
So here I go, using my new platform sandals, when will going to take some dinner with Alvi in the raining day. Have a nice day and keep warm in the gloomy and rainy weather fellas 

( knitted sweater H&M mini dress as inner TOPSHOP unbranded skirt hologram tote bag MANNEQUIN PLASTIC platform sandals PINX )

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Search Tab from Shopious

Yesterday I went to brightspot, as usual brighspot always offer good and rare stuff. Sometimes I wish “andai berbelanja semudah ini” semua hal yang lo cari ada dalam satu lingkup, Online shop always being my favorite pleasure, tapi banyaknya online shop sekarang ini, made me so hard to find the suitable shop which is fit with my style hehehe  I mean, sooo many!! I though, the function of hashtag in instagram can be easier for shopper to find stuff that they want. Tapi penggunaan hashtah belakangan banyak disalah gunakan, dan tidak sesuai dengan foto. And I site walking, looking for the inspiring site, and found if you wonder what is this ? you can go through to this site.
Sedikit aja, gue bagi tentang shopious ini, something like yellow pages, but only for online shop. Cool huh? You can search what kind of stuff you want to find, you want to buy, or maybe the online shop which is you looking for.. Asiknya lagi, aka nada customer online service yang bisa kamu Tanya tanyain kalau bingung, misalnya penggunaan dari website ini dan lain sebagainya.
I have try to find stuff that I want, and tadaaaaaa.. langsung keluar list yang banyak berbagai macam pilihan yang kamu mau.
 As easy as that, you just have to click the product that you want, dan kamu sudah masuk secara langsung ke product itu, dan online shop yang menjual product itu. I f you have online shop you can try to put your shop in here, it makes your shop easier to find for sure. You can check their social media in here -- facebook / Twitter / Instagram : ShopiousLine : ShopiousBBpin : 22F4DF97