Thursday, March 11, 2010


thank you tysha for the award :)

the second award from novita ristiana :
Here is some rules to join international blogger community:
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7. Have Fun!
Questions & Your answers:
1. The Personal Tagged Me : novita ristiana
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3. Date when you were tagged: 4 febuari 2010

and finally the last award thanks to aurelia lyana and amalia mas'ad


I gotta write 10 things that makes me happy:

1. I love music especially michael jackson, the beatles
2. i love to mix and match dress and cloth
3. im so interesting with photography
4. i love pancake
5. cajuput oil is my best friend
6. shopping
7. chit chat with my mom
8. got a romantic things in the morning
9. have a lot of friends
10. got A for my assessment

ripped and studded

heloo long time not updating the blog, it's very lazy, hohoho oiya last week i met fashion bloggers in a small scale and went to j-town fashion exebition I bought a shoe at picnic:) nice shoesssss, before we have lunch at the avenue pizza sorry for my super late update yaaaa guys :)

some both at j-town

(top-unbranded, blazer-chic simple,DIY ripped legg , random bangles, studded bag-mitchy belle, shoes - custom made)

really had a lot of fun these dayyyyyy thank you guys, see ya
anyway thanks for all reward ive got, i will post it latter :)

kiss kiss arin :)