Thursday, March 11, 2010

ripped and studded

heloo long time not updating the blog, it's very lazy, hohoho oiya last week i met fashion bloggers in a small scale and went to j-town fashion exebition I bought a shoe at picnic:) nice shoesssss, before we have lunch at the avenue pizza sorry for my super late update yaaaa guys :)

some both at j-town

(top-unbranded, blazer-chic simple,DIY ripped legg , random bangles, studded bag-mitchy belle, shoes - custom made)

really had a lot of fun these dayyyyyy thank you guys, see ya
anyway thanks for all reward ive got, i will post it latter :)

kiss kiss arin :)


  1. asyik udh di upload hehe..
    i grab ya rin. hehehe.
    the pict looks great and lil silly hehe

  2. yeeeeeey udah di uload! tapi ini di tag ke fb gak? hehehe hair-____-

  3. awaw,, gw grab yee rin. gw gaada poto. huehehe. ;9

  4. hwaaa..senengnyaa yg jalan bareng..hehe
    hope we can meet up soon yaa ;)..hihi

  5. nice to see you having fun...great outfit...and yum2x pizza...

    have a blast!!!

    love lots