Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's raining outside

Jakarta weather not friendly a few weeks ago, rain for a while then getting hot until burn my skin, hope this weather will be better in the beginning of february. actually i really love the rain, the sounds, the feelings, the flavors, but everything can be creepy when its going too much.

I really love the outerwear by the way any kind of outerwear like blazer, cardigan, jacket, cape, coat, parkha, anything. i'm so happy to found SMITTEN, it will be one of my favorite brand. you can find a lot of coolness outerwear like jacket on they webstore!
The jacket what i wore in this post can be fit for your casual looks or formal event 

what i wore in this post (semi blazer with faux leather - smitten, white plain tees - hammer, patch work pants - koola stuffa, necklace - diva, glossy loafer - free concept, clutch bag - nefertiti)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

HELLO 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR, alhamdulillah is 2013.
As my promise in my last post i will put my resolution in 2012, so i will remember and easily check it on my blog

  • finish my thesis and graduate this year, i almost start to writing my 4th chapter
  • done my pending projects, i have a lot of project. wish i can finish it one by one this year
  • more patient
  • saving, saving, saving
  • more quality time with my family and my friends 
thats it, just a little tiny short list but i wish it can be done at the end of the year :D

today i would like to share one of my favorite local brand new collection "after the rain", Modify!! yes, i'm so lucky to got this warm fancy sweater!! the fabric is soft, the knit is so smooth i love this sweater, is very fit for cold weather like a few days a go, you can't find more Modify more collection in HERE is not advertisement, this seriously recommendation 

pardon me for the overloaded pictures, i'm just too enjoyed take the picture with this outfit :D

(what i wore, parka - thrifted in Ps. Senen, studded sweater - modify, skull legging - jill n jill, necklace - topshop, joy division tote bag - unbranded, black ankle boots - EST, socks - unbranded)