Sunday, December 5, 2010

This is my December!

helloooo, how are you?
hows ur november going?
sorry for the lack update, i missed JKT fashion week, meet up, and my november features on go girl post. i will post it later
anywaaaaayy, i become the 20 finalist of shopping rally on Centro Department store. i need your help to being the 10 finalist

just follow this step
1. sign in to ur Facebook account
2. search Centro group pages
3. like the group
4. open Photos album (20 finalis Centro Shopping Rally)

as simple as that :)

thank you so much for the voting :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's a first time for me in JFW 10/11

lets check what happened in Jakarta Fashion Week today!
it is Oscar Lawalata in Fashion Tent, how lucky me ive got the VIP access for this show
saya bertemu tama, salah satu finalis lomba menulis blog. we have a great time today.
Oscar mengangkat tema culture - exquisite cocoon dresses and traditional weavedfabrics dari NTT
take a look this runway,

look at the detail, the fabric and the motive. one word AWESOME!

Oscar Lawalata looks so stunning. too bad i can't join the level one show :(
because im going to JFW by myself mihihihihihi
see u in the next post
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Saturday, November 6, 2010


as we all already know. Indonesia is grieving because tragedy in mentawai, wasior, and jogja. we all must be feeling sad, set aside your money to help those who need our help and pray ....
hope everything will be just fine, no more victims, no more tragedy.
Indonesia need support from us, lets start from a lil things, makes a change in our life. for a better world, for a better Indonesia

(crop top - unbranded (bounght in ambsador), tule skirt - maje, legging - unbranded, chain necklace - forever21, random rings, clogs - retail theraphy)

NB: ive been featured in gogirl mgz. i will post the picture tomorrow :)
*source picture here*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It Is November Double yaaay!

woooohoooo! i've got the feeling, thats this month gonna be a good month. that's this month gonna be a good good month....
if you remember, that last month i participated in writing competition from Jakarta Fashion Week. and guess what? i entered semifinalists
thanks God. alhamdulillah
and i can enter the JFW for all access!! super yaynes

the second yeaahhh, its.....
i've been featured in sister magz for November issues
wohhhooo what a month

have a nice day all :)
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Monday, October 25, 2010

what's new?

have you seen the latest collection of retail therapy?
retail therapy is one of my favorite local brand,
they are very up to date in fashion
the price is very worth it with the design, fabric, and very comfortable to use
and now they launch, their new collection
whoopssyyy i cant wait to buy all of this stuff
as ive said, here the fashionable reatail new collection

edgy, simple, clean, fabulous
you can visited retail therapy on:
Jl. Gandaria Tengah 3 NO.1 Jakarta
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Komodo National Park need over 1 billion votes to being one of the new nature 7 wonders of the world
vote komodo national park as the New & Wonders of nature
and lets vote!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

enjoy my kidnapped!

yesterday its blogger yard sale, too bad i cant join the event :(
btw, if you remember, i have a post about jtown, and ive bought the dress and shirt from kidnapped ally, this is it
i love this dress, the fabric, the cutting everything!

(electric blue dress-kidnapped ally, shawl - kidnapped ally, gladiator wedges - custom made)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jakarta Fashion Week 2010/2011 - Menuju Jakarta, Kota Mode Dunia


Sepertinya kata fashion sudah tidak tabu lagi di Indonesia, khususnya di daerah Ibu Kota seperti Jakarta, industri fashion di Indonesia sekarang memang sedang berkembang dan sangat banyak peminatnya. Hampir semua orang aware terhadap fashion. Banyaknya designer indonesia dan local brand juga menjadi salah satu bukti bahwa mutu dari product local yang semakin meningkat bahkan sudah setaraf International, ini dapat dilihat darit dari banyak sekali designer muda dengan beberapa brand local mereka sendiri sudah dapat menembus pasar asing .
Ya Indonesia sedang menuju International, untuk menjadikan Indonesia sebagai pusat mode Asia dan Jakarta Fashion Week adalah salah satu bentuk apresiasi untuk para designer indonesia dan wadah untuk menuangkan kreatifitas mereka, Jakarta Fashion Week akan digelar kembali pada tanggal 6-12 November 2010 di Pacific Place, Jakarta.
make sure you attend this event, and support the local brand to go to International

nikicio salah satu brand local yang sudah menembus pangsa pasar luar negri

website :

twitter :

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I would like to introduce my new dog jejejejejeeeengggg *drum roll*
he's kind of asian dog, shitzu
i bought ciko about one week ago, he always follows me wherever I go
shitzu is the kind of lazy dog, hes sleep everyday and very rarely barks.
but, im fallin for this dong, im getting love it

(sheer shirt-gitchy, skirt-mango, belt used as tie-giordano, unbranded sock, clogs-retail therapy, slings bag-ps.senen, watch-casio, bowler hat-ps.baru)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Java Rocking Land

its super duper delay post isnt it?
i went to JRL last weekend, and i just update it today hemsss
you know what, London School alwayas know how to make they student feel like in hell.
i have a lot of assignment stuck in my head, its make traffic in my mind like ive told you before im not multi tasking.
oke, back to JRL, one word to describe this event muddy!
i damaged my favorite shoes
i prefer jrl last year, too hard to find the location of JRL this year, they make us round ancol to decrease the traffic.

me with my best nuke and yuki

what i wore (parka , t-shirt - hammer, unbranded legging, dr.marten, random necklace, round glasses)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

forgetful human

if you read the title of this post you must be wondering what it means, yes that's me, I was a chronic forgetfulness. so remind me if I had promised to link your blog /follow blog and your twitter but I have not done so. sorry :)

(jacket-ps.senen, blue shirt-gitchy, harem pants-gitchy, chunky heel-picnic, DIY bow tie, canvas bag- bought in madura)

Oya, who will come to Java Rocking Land on Saturday? because i will come too, hope we can meet up there, just tell me if you will attend it too :)
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