Thursday, October 7, 2010

forgetful human

if you read the title of this post you must be wondering what it means, yes that's me, I was a chronic forgetfulness. so remind me if I had promised to link your blog /follow blog and your twitter but I have not done so. sorry :)

(jacket-ps.senen, blue shirt-gitchy, harem pants-gitchy, chunky heel-picnic, DIY bow tie, canvas bag- bought in madura)

Oya, who will come to Java Rocking Land on Saturday? because i will come too, hope we can meet up there, just tell me if you will attend it too :)
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  1. really lovely outfit, love the bow gives it that men inspired feel to it!! And yeah it would be lovely to exchange links and follow eachother. Now following! Hope you can follow back.:) Keep posting!

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  2. cool jacket ,
    i'll go to Senen today, hopefully i can find many stuff in there.

    Happy Friday..

  3. you can click this link below :!/profile.php?id=100001624974026&v=photos

    or let me know ur facebook account and I'll add u as my friend :)

  4. hey dear, just remind you, i've followed your blog hehehe
    follow me back yaaaa :) :)


  5. hey, can you tell me how did u make lace up heels on your "sun shining day" post?
    did u order it and the model of your shoes too?

  6. i love your quirky looks. :)

    re: yes, I hope so too. although I might not be joining bloggers meet up in anytime soon, because usually the scheduled time doesn't fit in my calendar :/ but I always update my whereabouts on Twitter, so if you happen to be in a place nearby we could totally meet up somewhere in between. :) have a nice day!

  7. cute outfit! cute blog btw :)

  8. i really really love your outfit ri, uh you look awesoommeee ;) can't wait for the meet up as well :D

  9. cute cute cute!! so boyish! very love it! adore your DIY bow tie!! :p

  10. inge : i still cant open ur fb hemmms
    btw this shoes i made by order at online shop thirteen

    thank you tara and sarah, i cant wait to meet up with you too :)

  11. Are you kidding? Are you going to JLR? WOW! I was so envy with you. I want watching Stereophonics! Anyway, I love your jacket.