Monday, October 25, 2010

what's new?

have you seen the latest collection of retail therapy?
retail therapy is one of my favorite local brand,
they are very up to date in fashion
the price is very worth it with the design, fabric, and very comfortable to use
and now they launch, their new collection
whoopssyyy i cant wait to buy all of this stuff
as ive said, here the fashionable reatail new collection

edgy, simple, clean, fabulous
you can visited retail therapy on:
Jl. Gandaria Tengah 3 NO.1 Jakarta
and follow they twitter


  1. nice post dear! cant wait to buy her collection :)


  2. they got some really nice and unique items!

  3. nice post.
    for a local brand, the photographs are kind of crazy and spontaneous. like it xx

  4. hii ..
    i like your blog.
    btw i want share with you about blog.
    did you tommorow want to come to the blogger festival?
    please follow me :

  5. I really love all of the dresses :D Ahh and yes we can exchange links ;)

  6. cool..who's the designer?
    visit mine also

  7. Cool collection! I love the outerwears! :D

    Castor Pollux

  8. Thanks for sharing this..I sure need to check out their collection!

    re: the printed trousers I bought at primark..hope this helps ;)

    eclectic du jour

  9. style yg unik,modern n simple..
    bisa menjadi inspirasi buat saya ..

  10. @psycho fest : mbak kalista is the owner and the designer of retail therapy

  11. the girls are relly beautiful! and i like the most of the clothes, really nice