Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jtown Junction

yesterday I went to jtown junction, this time jtown in Gandaria city theres a lot of local brand kampungningrat, kidnapped ally, lilou, UNO, coloriot, voila store, gity&belle, rockinc, coloriot and many more. this event is only until 3rd october at Gandaria City on 1st floor so you better hurry up :))

me and my friend tisha

i bought 3 shirt from kidnapped ally i love the fabric, cutting, and price very reasonable :))
what i wore (coat-ps.senen, dotty shirt-gitchy, DIY tie, unbranded legging, clog-retail therapy, canvas bag-bought in madura)


  1. love ur outfit! the blazer and the tie... nice!
    ihh ayin kamu ga ajak aku ke gandaria city...

  2. love your clogs dear! wanna see you wear your new shirts :)


  3. heart your clogs!
    thanks for your sweet comment, and of course I'll put yours on my blog roll. nice to see your blog :)


  4. my oh my, when i opened your blog i'm drooling for those bazaar thingy. feels like wanna shop. haha. btw i love your clog, i want to have one but always forget to buy it.
    thanks for your comment btw. yeah i had 3 months holiday, i feel really bored if i don't have myself a lil vacation :D

  5. nice post..
    thanks for leave ur comment in my blog :), i love ur black 'n white outfit in this post ..

  6. awesomeeee! too bad i didn't come :( btw, sure you can confirm me anytime ;) you hv my numbers, right? well, see you then :D

    anyway, i totally heart your outfit! especially your clog

  7. so many accesories there...wher is it btw??gandaria jakarta??

  8. ari.ur outfit,im like like like and likeeeeeeee!!!!
    super like.its great u know.....


  9. mimi; ive bought that coat at senen me lucky me :p
    so sorry sayang kimrn ak jg mendadak soalnya

    diva: yes ofcourse i will post it later

    tabitha; ive linked u too

    riati: such a great holiday im envyyyy

    thx for ur sweet comment itoria, audrey, tara, sarah,dorothy, cecile and shatirah :))

  10. love your outfit everything.
    thanks for comment on my blog.
    i've follow you and link you :)

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