Sunday, September 26, 2010

sun shining day

(unbranded broken white top, acid washed short - ps.baru, acid washed jacket jeans - senen, grey socks, lace up heels- custom made, DIY belt)

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  1. damn shoes, i want it...


  2. me likey ur shoes! :D

    smooch, diva

  3. killer shoes!
    and paired with those grey socks just makes it even better <3<3<3

    re: appreciate your kind words :) I had a wonderful time hopefully your holiday was great as well...

    eclectic du jour

  4. hey arin, of course you could! it's open to everyone, dear. just send your contact number to and i'll contact you personally for more info :)

    anyway, i love your heels!!!

  5. hey,thanks for your link on your blog
    i will link u right now
    just wait for that
    and also i want to thank you for being my loyal reader:)

  6. nice outfit, you are a stylish girl indeed!
    i'm falling more in love with your blog everytime I drop by :)

    anyways, I'd like to keep in touch with you but I may not be updating my blog that often anymore due to increasing work and college stuffs :/ so if you have a Twitter we could follow each other, or you can always send me emails whenever you want. thank you so much :)

  7. mimi: hehehehe makasih ibu psikolog hihihi muah! i wish we can meet up early :))

    thankies marcela, aisaica, dotie, and diva for check my blog

    thank you ivy for still checking my blog

    wyne:wowww im blushing, thank you so much u really follow and read my blog. anyway ive follow you how should i call you?

  8. WOHOO...
    Thanks for wearing our boots ...
    Thanks too for you.. who likes the boots :)

  9. Wow Amazing Style , Especially Your Shoes was mind blowing . :)

  10. “Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are.”

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