Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak

minal aidin walfaizin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin
selamat idul fitri 1431 H
hows your fasting? everything going well?
I feel less than the maximum of the fasting month this year, the first week I get sick, the second week thats my period week,
anyway i wanna share about my idul fitri,
I always enjoyed the fasting month and idul fitri
yesterday, My house became very crowded by the brothers and sisters nephew, uncle,my mothers always cooked rendang, opor, potatoes Balado, krecek and of course ketupat on idul fitri. the guests is continues to come until I could not move from the kitchen to wash dishes haha its seriously tired, but im very happy this is moment where we just can feel once a year. and of course because my maid is mudik i have to help my mom to do all the home work (i cant cook btw hihihi)
this is what i wore to my uncle and auntie house on the second day of idul fitri

(maxi dress-senen, my mom sweater, boots-mitchybell, sling brown bag (gift from my boyfriend), and random bracelet-kota tua)
PS:on the first day i just wearing my t-shirt and short pants (im too busy in the kitchen hihihi)


  1. Hi there! Happy Eid Mubarak to you, too.. I love your bag.. So cute!

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  2. Happy Eid Mubarak ariin!! I like your bag!! :)..
    and you got a great finding in Senen!! nice maxi dress and it paired well with mom sweater :)

  3. Blogwalking ...
    Happy Eid Mubarak, ur sling bag is so cool :)

  4. hope you had a great idul fitri :)
    love your bag!

  5. arin, i miss you and ur blog hehehe...
    nice bag


  6. Happy idul fitri :) You look lovely ! And sure we can exchange links :)

  7. sure let's swap links! I'll link you back now.

  8. happy eid mubarak Ari :)
    this year,i fasting full in one happy:)
    and i love the ur the color of ur sweater.and the bag,love the shape and look quite vintage.
    then u too.ur hair make u look more cute like childish :)

    btw,the hat i bought from Malaysia online's available for one only.hehe:)


  9. Happy Eid Mubarak too! WOW! You have cute bag =)

  10. helloww
    welcome back to the blogsphere
    sorry for the late reply
    yuk exchange link
    just let me know when u already link me on your blog

  11. like your sling bag dear!
    ayway thank you for visiting my blog :D
    Of course we could exchange link, I've already linked yours, tell me if you have done so with mine :)
    Basic's Lightgrey mungkin akan re stock lagi dear, tunggu kabar dari kami sebulan lagi :)

  12. love your outfit, especially the maxi dress!

  13. Happy Eid Mubarak!I love how u put the oversized sweater up with the maxi dress ;)barbiejunk

  14. i like your bag..

    okay,,ur link was done..check on the list in my blog..
    link me as miss dorothy..tell me if u done,,thx

  15. i want your bag so muchhh :) nice blog, darla!

  16. i love your bag !!

  17. Blogwalking.. sekedar berjalan-jalan, salam kenal

  18. tas nya terlihat bagus tuh, kulit bukan ya?