Friday, November 28, 2014

Comma part whatsoever

Menikah di Indonesia kadang harus sangat mewah, besar, dan megah karena memikirkan berbagai kolega dari orang tua yang datang, teman juga keluarga besar lainnya. Karena di Indonesia menikah artinya kita menikah dengan keluarganya, keluarga besarnya, kemudian teman dari keluarga juga (mungkin bisa disebut juga poligami berjamaah). Atau memang karena ingin mengabadikan moment berharga, membahagiakan yang terjadi sekali seumur hidup. Saya terkadang juga berfikir demikian. Tetapi teman saya Tisha membuat pesta kecil di taman yang sangat berkenang dihati saya.

I would love to share a bit about my friend, Tisha. Dia anak yang sangat lucu, baik hati (you will found this words easily in bahasa book), dan juga sangat rendah hati. Mengenalnya sejak masuk kuliah, kemudian mulai berteman baik di semester kedua. I do adore this girl, sometimes the way of her think is so out of the box. Dia memiliki tujuan, kemauan yang tinggi, terlihat santai tapi dia selalu melakukannya dengan baik. I learned a lot from this girl! And now she's married. I couldn't describe, how happy I am. Dia menangani pernikahan ini tanpa bantuan wedding organizer, and she did it very well!

Akad nikah berlangsung sangat sakral, penuh haru dan kebahagiaan, dan resepsinya? So far this is the best wedding I've been to!

Congratulations for the bride and the groom, Semoga sakinah, mawadah, warohmah.

- your lychee partner -

Friday, August 15, 2014

Don't Miss The Best Moments in Your Life !

Working in fashion magazine requires me to have a fast and good quality smart phone. To capture things, and many things. I was one of the person who don't want to miss a moment in my life. I prefer to perpetuate it, then one day I can open it again, and laugh when remembering every moments that happened in those day. Besides fashion, I also have a big crush with photography. For me, is not just about capturing moments, I want to get a good results!
Bringing SLR everywhere very hard to do (for me :p). 
Thanks God I have the solution. A few days ago I was invited to the pre-launch Lenovo S850. I still can't believe and amaze with the camera result, Very clear, sharp, and have a high resolution. I can set the ISO! Just like using SLR. With front camera 5 MP and back camera 13 MP! Theres nothing impossible to do with this camera, no wonder the result very clear and clean! 
With Android system, of course we'll always find a way to explore and download any applications to support your activity. 

Beside the camera, they have a very stylish and handy design, easy to use and very good looking! It can be bolster up your daily look.
There no any reason to stop you to share your best moments! Style, Snap, and Share your moments to every social media never be as easy as this! Be the first person to own Lenovo S850. You can check out the product and any information on their FaceBook here  Twitter or here Instagram
Now, theres a three things that I really love, Outer, Shoes, and Lenovo S850 superb Camera 
PS: you can find my #LenovoInStyle and #SnapStyleShare moments with Lenovo S850 in HERE
 (ZARA dress TOPSHOP sling bag CHARLES&KEITH shoes)