Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Java Rocking Land

its super duper delay post isnt it?
i went to JRL last weekend, and i just update it today hemsss
you know what, London School alwayas know how to make they student feel like in hell.
i have a lot of assignment stuck in my head, its make traffic in my mind like ive told you before im not multi tasking.
oke, back to JRL, one word to describe this event muddy!
i damaged my favorite shoes
i prefer jrl last year, too hard to find the location of JRL this year, they make us round ancol to decrease the traffic.

me with my best nuke and yuki

what i wore (parka , t-shirt - hammer, unbranded legging, dr.marten, random necklace, round glasses)


  1. i absolutely love the glasses on you! you look unique in them :)

  2. RE : wow.. hehe, what's wrong with that link ya? hehe
    u can search in facebook with my email
    or with my fb name : fashionfierce shop
    hope you can find me :)

  3. you look so cute with that glasses, arin!
    and it's so fun to attend the JRL!
    ah thanks for the sweet comment :))
    yes yes i hope we can meet when i go back indo

  4. omg arin.u look so awesome.
    i crazily like ur outfit and u too.
    the red lip,ur hair such perfect with u.

    oh.just tell me if u come to malaysia!
    im badly want to meet u too.:)


  5. little bo beep : thank you :)

    fhen: of course fhen anytime :) im in love with ur blog for sure

    shar: thank u so much
    of course i will tell you when i come

  6. ariiin i love your geeky glasses & red lipstick :D
    have a great day, dearie!

  7. cool dear!
    o ya i've followed you dear, can you follow me back? hehe
    thankyou :)


  8. i love your quirkiness!

    i go to UPH Law School :)

  9. lita : thank you sweety :)
    too bad we cant meet up today

    diva : thank you for following me and keep leave comment

    wyne :thank you :))

  10. Thank you very much. I’m going to put this too good use.