Wednesday, January 13, 2010

stood by the window

i always confused to start my story, hehehe thats so bad right and im not good enough in english, ive just wanna to tell u i made some diy again :)
these DIY inspired by , ive have some cotton ink syal anyway very comfotable and useful

what you need for this project is :

scissors, yarn, needle, and pewarna pakaian (ya i dont know wht it call hehe)

and old white long tank

pertama gunting bagian yang sudah di beri garis putus putus , kemuadian bagian itu dijahit agar menjadi seperti sarung

kemudian gunting bagian yang sudah di beri garis putus putus, remdan kain sesaat
kemudian masak air hingga mendidih dan masukan pewarna pakaian
masukan kain dalam keadaan basah kedalam panci yang sudah berisi air yang diberi pewarna kain, dengan keadaan api masih menyala, aduk2 agar warna tidak belang sekitar kurang lebih 60 menit

angkat dan keringkan kain, kemudian di bilas, setelah itu kreasikan dengan semau kalian :)

( simply city - blazer, flowery tank bought at plaza semanggi, grey pants - mitchybell, glitery shoes- zara, black socks - galery socks, my DIY syal, unbranded sunglasses )

by the way i just bought strong shoulder blazer from oenik room and headpiece too

( blazer - oenikroom, white bodycon - manggo, unbranded stocking, peep toe heels by pretty, random bracelets, triangle headpiece by oenik room)

ive change my layout, because some words disappeared :(
im new blogger so i have to learn many things hehe thank you for all input for me
i really appreciate it

kiss arin :)


  1. wooow..DIY shawlnya bener2 terinspirasi dari cotton ink yaa!! keren kepikiran sama skali bisa dr tank top gtu..mantab deh kamuu!!

    blazer barunya juga keren :).I like it!!

  2. the DIY looks great! good job :)

    lovelove, M.

  3. hey, the DIY's are amazing and very innovative!
    you have great style too..:D

  4. that's a superb DIY project ! and i love ur greay padded blazer as well :D

    thanks for the lovely comments darling.
    appreciate the time you took to visit my blog !
    keep posting up great inspirations..
    x. Michelle..
    glisters and blisters :D

  5. well done on the DIY <3<3<3
    sure no problem..I've linked yours in return..
    keep in touch :)

  6. I am really impressed with your designs. I love your style. Thanks for your comments on my blog, I am following you now!

  7. hey, thanks for dropping by my blog...
    i'm following u...
    and i hope we could exchange links..:D

  8. gw uda link lu yahh .. hohoh . .di local loves :D

  9. hey thanks for the comment on my blog :) thankiesss, i think u could wear em too, looking forward to that look hehe.
    great DIY's! I'll try one off em.... okay maybe all of em :p


  10. @fika : hehehek thankies ka :)

    @marisa : thank you marissa to visit and leave comment to my blog :)
    love ur blog too

    @gizelle : woww!! thank you so much to following my blog gizelle :)
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  11. okay i'll link u first, link me back! :D

  12. You genius girl! That's such a great DIY!

  13. your bold-padded blazer is definitely a hit! fab! not forget to mention that i love your DIY too <3

  14. Love your DIY! and your sharp blazer is totally awesome! =D
    Btw, I've linked your blog too, dear.

  15. good job! i love it!
    nice blog girl :)
    big kiss from brazil

  16. hey...i did try to follow u but i can't find any follow links on ur page..

    i'm putting up ur name in my blog though..:D

  17. uber kewl DIY kak
    thanks for commenting yaa :)

    visit/follow/comment/link if u don't mind
    tattoo freak

  18. i linked u already. mind to follow my blog too ? (:
    wow, i love ur pants n ur shoulder pad blazer. looks good on u. and the diy thing is good.
    thanks for the comment at my blog anyway (:


  19. haaai dear,thanks for u're comment..
    amazing DIy...luv u're DIy project..
    i follow u too :)

  20. awww, thank you for the comment :] I take all the pictures on my blog by myself..hehehe..
    Wow, the DIY is so cool, maybe I'll try it next time!!


  21. great post, and gorgeous outfits!

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  22. lovve your blazer and headpiece! awesomenessh

  23. This is so cool! great diy!

  24. post more DIY dong !

    thanks for the wonderful comments dear..
    visit, comment , follow me at .

  25. yay i've too :)
    sorry im replied so lame
    im so bussy in few weeks

  26. nice diy!! so coton-ink-ish.. anyway that blazer and headpiece's a total steal too.. ive linked your blog. come and visit my blog too dear..

  27. nice . visit my blog too ;)

  28. thank you for the response :)

    @michelle :
    yaay ofcourse! thank u for ur comment and input for me :)

  29. haloo kak! that DIY is brilliant! andd ohhh I loove your blog! and your style! :D thank you so much for the visit in my blog :D

    kisses and hugs!

  30. ohmaigot!!!! such a creative ideaaaaa
    thanks so much for the DIY idea!!yeay..ada kerjaan baru ur style dear:D

  31. Great outfits!
    You're sooo authentic love that!
    flowers and kisses

  32. kreatif banget! inspiring nih! hehe

    i've link your blog :)

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