Saturday, September 28, 2013

Walking into the future

Confusion stage in our life is like this, how to finish college with a great grade? after it's completed we up one step to the "How to get a good job, so we can continue our life?" I mean, we can't just continue our life, we should raise the standard of our life, make our parents proud, moreover ease their burden. Yep, Im on this stage kikikikik. Is hard for me to asking money to my parents, because im already graduated right now.
Thanks God, Theres jobstreet, jobsdb, and many job vacancy site. Life is more easier because of internet hehehe, and I can keep in touch with my friends because skype, and many online messager so I dont have to get out from my home, and can be more skimp. 

(shirt and overall Ps.Senen, tote bag THE GOODS DEPT, socks UNIQLO, shoes DR.MARTENS )


  1. aaa another dungaree look! i really love how you style it >< yepyepp we should meetup hihi nanti kalo aku ke jkt ayo ketemu :D

  2. waohhhh i want that star shirt !!!! one day you must go to Pasar Senen with me Arin :) love your outfit so much and the location too.

  3. Ah, that is exactly what I feel when I turn 20 last month. I feel like "Oh, I'm already 20. What should I do to ease my parent's burden?". That feeling of take the responsible of our life is just another sign of maturity. Good to stumble upon this blog. Salam kenal (:


  4. halo ariin salam kenal jugaa hehehe >.<
    anyway, love your overal, super cute..beli di senen lagii ! pengeeen :p hehehe

  5. Wahh.. ini lucuu bangetttt overallnya ariiinnn <3

    Chic Swank

  6. I love the way you mix it


  7. i think this look is really smart. your shirt + those overall + brown tote bag. very nice <3
    kindly visit my blog maybe?


  8. Youu look stunning with those overall and how you mix it with your totebag! Thats cool! Love the last photo <3

  9. fabulous, what a unique styling. I like your dungaree, it is combined so well with your shirt. :)
    and that tote bag is a must have, I guess.

  10. Gorgeous outfit and I love the location <3

  11. Aaaaa love love love <3 <3 The hair, the outfit, all of them! You're too adorable <3 I wish I could meet you in person! :)