Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my dad stuff !

hello, firstly i wanna say "merry christmas for all who celebrate it :) and happy neu ya"
sorry for my lately post
bytheway what your plan for new years eve ?
i really want to go to bandung, but so sadddd i cant my friends afraid,
ya about the crowd and bla bla bla
huhuhuhu i dont have any plan for new year

anyway last day i checked my fathers cabinet hihhihihi
what i found is a lovely stuff i took some picture

1. daddy white loose jacket !
wohoooooo i love this jacket im feel so warm when i used it, hihihi
(my daddy white loose jacket, flower skirt bought from ol shop, slingbag from ps.baru, DR.Marten)

2.my daddy sweater
and im in love with this one hehehe comfortable and so soft :)
(my daddy sweater DKNY, zipper legging bonus from go girl, zebra socks from store near my house, bowler hat, nurse shoes from carefour)

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thank you have a lovely holiday all muah !


  1. I used to raid my Dad's closet too! He had such great taste and so had a lot of fantastic things! Borrow, borrow, borrow ... a man's closet is a treasure!

  2. to be honest,all of my oversized shirts is my daddy's old stuff hehehe. he gave me and i really love it wkwkwk.

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  3. I never use my dad shirt because his shirt is waaaaaay too big for me :p..haha

    about the new year,I plan to go to bandung too..but dunno whether I can make it or not..just hope that I can go to bandung..hehehe

    happy holiday!!
    anw,I just follow back your twitter yaa :)

  4. Look so cute in your dad jacket and sweater! =)
    Happy Holidays..

  5. love the daddy's loose jacket!
    it's so cute

  6. @nina : yupp nina thats awesome, just be creative with it :)

    @regina: ya of course and ive already follow your twitter

    @fika : yayy thank you ka :)
    anyway, i failed go to bandung :( huhu
    how about your holiday ?

    @yessi: thank you so much yessi
    how about your holiday?
    thx for visit my blog :)

    @castor: thank you castor :)