Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HOLIDAY is gettin closerr !!

do you have any planing for new years ?
i prefer to go to bandung with my friendsss and my boyf too
its time for holiday rait, i have a lot of asignment and home work
after holiday i must do my presentation guys
you know my lecture said "this presentation mempengaruhi 40% for final"
i must do my best raiiitttt

i wore my bowler hat, unbranded semi leather jacket, DIY cropped white shirt, abstrack leggs from pasar baru, brown low boot from mitchybell, and many neckaces

how i love this leggs and cropp tee so muaaaccchhhhhhh :)

what i wore in the second picta is shockin pink biker jacket from gitchy, zipper acid wash skirt from senen, DIY studded converse, leopard sun glases from lil mini market near my house


  1. the legging is thrilling meeeee ohmy i want that!!!! and i already link you ya kak, hehehehe aku bantuin promosiin blog kamu hehehe. welcome ya kak:))))

  2. love the jacket its so cute :D
    nice blog u have there girl :)


  3. what a great leggings!! you got it from pasar baru? so you got it while thrifted!! wooow!! you're soo lucky !! :)

  4. oh my!! the leggings and the zipper acid skirt!! super duper gorgeous!!

  5. woowww loves your leggingg!its killer!
    nice to see your blog...

  6. REGINA :
    thank you so muaxh muach regina :)

    Ms.Gee :
    thank you gee, ive checked ur blog
    nice to know you

    Fika :
    haha yupp fika thank you :)

    Heidy :
    thank you dy :) kapan kapan kita hunting bareng hehe
    wanna ?

    thanks to visit me :)
    and u have a nice blog too

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