Friday, December 11, 2009

Brightspot Opening Party

yayyyynes ive got the invitation to Brightspot opening party :) hihihihiw
so blessing daayyyyy
really really nice to meet heidy shes super duper friendly hihihihi :}

thanks heidy for tagging this picture what a wonderfull night meet diana rikasari too

and i go to this event with yuki , rara, nuke, florecita

what i wore today unbranded military jacket, DIY studded NYLA white dress, flowerry legging from SAGA , black platform mitchybell, red hand bag pasar senen


  1. hey, ka mind asking gimana si buat cara
    dapet invitation di opening party. thanks :)

  2. waaah you just lcuky for attending brightspot.however what a great blog, wanna exchange link?

  3. hay michelly :
    just send your biodata to :)
    nanti di kasih tau deh kamu bisa dtg atau ga :)

    regina :
    yupp how lucky me :)
    ofcourse , id love too :)

  4. this my link :)

  5. This post is a winner! Love the tips and everything you suggest..

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