Tuesday, December 22, 2009

daily wear :D

ha ha ha ha to the i
i want to share my fashion daily with you :)

what i wore is unbranded white DIY cropped tee, unbranded leather look jacket, DIY acid wash jeans, black flat shoes, black sling bag from ps baru, many necklaces

cropped acid wash jacket from senen, DIY acid washed, black sling bag from ps baru, fringe boot from mitchybell, many banggles
jacket jeans from mini store at bandung, white long thank mineola, snake skin legg from ambasador, black flat shoes, many bangles, necklace from gaudi , sling bag from ps. baru


  1. pasti fotonya digdg lama lspr.. iya bukan?heheh
    eh how should i call you??
    tentu sajaaa xchangelink would be nice!
    ambil apa di lspr??

  2. nice style!! I love the 1st one :)

    anw, I already linked youu yaa..keep in touch :)

  3. nice style:))) however please check out my post on my blog and please leave a comment on it yaaaa

    ps:love the 3rd syle:)


  4. I REALLY LOVE YOUR STYLE ! btw , kamu anak LS juga yaaaa? semester brapa? hihi .what a small world!

  5. Aaah you look so nice on your outfit!! By the way i've linked your blog on mine ;)

  6. @ vorega : hihihihi
    iya aku baru smester 1 hehehe
    kamu semester brp?
    ive already linked you anyway
    than you for linked me back

    @fika :
    thank you yes ofcourse !

    @regina :
    hihihihi thank you regina ive checked your blog
    sorry im rarely ol blog :p
    but ive leave comment there

    @lyana :
    hihihi yap hehe
    semester 1 haha
    kita sdh chit chat right ;p

    wow thanks for linked me
    ive already linked you silvi u have nice blog too

  7. like your style! please visit mine yaaa.. :D