Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fimela Girl x Lime Crime Indonesia

 A few days a go, I've tried my luck with join the photo competition from FIMELA x LIME CRIME. They offering the colorful and amazing lipstick from LIME CRIME as a prize.. without think twice, I took the picture of my daily outfit which is the theme of the outfit should be in pastel color and Alhamdulillah I wiiiinnnnnn~ sooooo happy!!
What you have to do is just follow Fimela Girl and Lime Crime Indonesia on Instagram, and post your daily outfit, don't forget to tag Fimela Girl and Lime Crime Indonesia, and put the hashtag #FGstreetstyle. They will choose the best street style picture weekly, and the winner will got the cute lipstick from Lime Crime Indonesia you can upload your picture as many as you want, too bad the winner only can win once, this is your chance to get this fancy cute lipstick too!! dressed up and post it :D
Here is the lipstick ..

The last picture is the picture that I've post on my instagram account, and win the contest.

I've try the lipstick and the color so bright, you don't have to apply it over and over again, you just have to apply it once and voalaaa.. the day is yours!! you can check my instagram for the result. Can't wait to use it again :D Im a happy kid 

(what I wore cardigan from Retail Therapy mini dress as top by TOPSHOP skirt Southaven transparent skull necklace Mannequin Plastic platform sandals PINX and the clutch by NEFERTITI)


  1. waaaa lucky you! I love the colour of the LC lippy~ <3


  2. wooww that is one fabulous lipstick! I seriously need that hair cut ASAP!
    looking lovely as always and can't wait to see you :3


  3. what a cute lipstick color, and you look gorgeous!


  4. nice post! <3

    please visit http://sheilachristie.blogspot.com/ for daily dose of glam for your nails!

  5. Whoaa congrats! I'm in love with the outfit. Pastels look good on you (and so do the lipstick)! :D


  6. congratss yah bebih! you deserved it hihihihi. FINAAAAALLLYYY KT KETEMUUUWWW! tp gosyip blm jalan nih say hahaha. nxt time nge date ya cyiiin :*


  7. Cieee congrats, ayinnn! Lipsticknya lucuu, pake dong. Love this look anw, gombrong2 sweet gituu haha.


  8. Wow what a gorgeous lipstick! I love it :) Thank you for dropping comment on my blog, congrats fro your graduation too hehehe. Mind to Follow each other?