Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maroon not five

Wanna sharing my happiness, my questions list to thesis thingy is already approved with my lectures, i can start my research from now on! yay!!! I hope all of you who doing your thesis is going well too.. 
you may have a problems like broke up, or office stuff for all of you who already working, but trust erverything will going well if you just do it, in my experience working on this thesis, when i was just afraid to fail, you don't go anywhere, you just stuck with whats on your mind. so sometimes let it flow is not that bad, just let it flow and keep trying on what do you want to achieve. Sorry for my bad pictures, i only used my iPhone since my DSLR broken and im not fix it yet :p

( Polka Outer - Schatzi, White Tees - Giordano, Trouser - Retail Theraphy, Sling Bag - Cottonk ink, Unfinished wedges - Retail Theraphy, Necklace - Diva )


  1. asiiik good luck deh ya neng thesisnyaa ;) btw makin kece aja nih gayanyaa, mau dong outer, celana + heelsnya (semuanya aja hoho). miss you too kk!


  2. LOVE it Shoes!!

  3. That outfit is so cute!!
    Much love,