Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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Hello everyone, did you have a great day as long as im not blogging? I hope so :D
Because i really had a good day as long im not blogging, if my day fun like what im said why you don't blogging rin?
Ya because my day is full with revision sounds good right, My thesis is on progress, ive been trough a lot of revision and assignment, and here i am, 2 chapters to go and I hope is done :D
Btw, now im being a part of Nefertiti, such a great experience! :D
and today Im ready to meeting next collection with our vendor! yes is the part of my job that i really really love!
After by the way i want to say is anyway, so anyway hehhe you can see another side of me on my twitter @ariyanisukma

Have a nice wednesday :D

what i wore today (white shirt from Giordano, plain shirt from Nevada, jeans vest found in Ps. Senen, high waist pants made by order, sling bag found in Ps. Senen, Dr. Martens shoes, watch - swatch, necklace - gifted from my friend, belt - lacoste)

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  1. Mini Icha, with better attitude hehe, oops jangan bilang2 mutit yah hihihi:D